Tarkov is too casual

EFT does not live up to the promise of being a hardcore, realistic fps. While many systems are hardcore, like modding and inventory managegement, they are let down by very disappointing AI. However it does not have to be this way. The AI could be better, but it appears it is this disappointing by design.

To illustrate the point, take a look at this short video of a combat situation in Ghost Recon Wildlands:

Take a look at how the AI very agressively keeps the pressure on the player to remain in cover. This is on 3/4 difficulty. On 4/4, my character would already be dead. Once combat starts, the AI is very effective at keeping you suppressed or dead if you don't use cover. At distances beyond 50 meters too. And by suppressed I meann actually forcing you to duck instead of applying an abstract "suppression" effect that makes your screen blur. If you get the attention of large groups of enemies, you won't be able to peek out of cover for most of the time.

Now let's …

Survey January 2018

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Weapons Main Sheet

Reload speed is for full empty chamber reload.



Calibers Main Sheet


Damage Basics

When a blacked out limb is it, the damage is multiplied by 1.79 then distributed among all remaining limbs.Zeroing out the chest kills the target, either by secondary damage from another limb or direct hits.Zeroing out the head kills the target only if the head was hit, bleeding the head to 0 from secondary damage does not kill the target.It takes 5 shots to kill a target with 7.62x39 PS ammo when aiming for a leg.It takes 2 shots to the chest to kill a target (wearing no armor or paca)
From this we can conclude that center of mass or head shots remain the fastest way to kill a target if the ammo is capable of penetrating the armor. If the ammo can not penetrate the armor, then aiming for limbs is the faster way to kill.