In-Depth 0.8 Ammo Preview

As a Tarkov player, whether you want to remove stroganoff or remove hamburgers, the leading question is always what ammo to use. Our scientists  have examined the newest 0.8 data released by the developers.

(btw our sheets are updated with that data)

9x18 Let's go through this for each caliber. First we examine the 9x18 cartridge.
The changes are minimal, only the BZT round has a lowered base damage (-9) and the 9P has damage increase (+9). The penetration values remain unchanged. If the armor resistance levels remain the same as before 0.8 then no single 9x18 can penetrate class 2 armor.

9x19 The PST round gets a (+2) bump in penetration which might move its capability near class 3 penetration at close ranges. Base damage increased for PSO (+4) and CCI (+3).
(pre 0.8 armor resistance at 50 meters)
9x21 Penetration value changes for SP10 (+3), SP12 (-3), SP13 (+5). Base damage changes for SP10 (-1), SP12 (+4), SP13 (-4). Armor piercing types are moved firmly above class 3 resist…

Tarkov Comedy

The Buyanov-Klean-VacuumThe Buyanov-Klean-Vacuum is a 100% 103% scientific phenomenon discovered by our scientists while tracking market data of tarkov. It is named after 21st century netcode enthusiast Buyanov and twitch warlord Klean. The effect of the BK-vacuum is a shutdown of playerbase after patch confirmations are passed down from the buyanov. It causes sudden loss of purpose because everything is getting wiped.

Units of measurement Klean (Kl)
1 Kl = 6 days
Average time for a patch to hit after Klean says soon.

(supposed photograph of hideout feature)  Hideout Feature

Tarkov Weekly #003

The first piece of news is this device tweeted by the developers. It looks like an IR scope that can be connected to your weapon's scope so you can peek around corners without exposing yourself.

And it appears to be the Ratnik IR device presented in this clip. However I hope the device will not be Team Fortress 2 nerfed like the ReapIR scope. Because this device is supposed to have 1.2 kilometers range and far more than 10 fps.

Or It could also be the PN21K device.

Speaking of the ReapIR, it was nerfed for no apparent reason other than player "OP fears" and this is a dangerous trend, weapons in tarkov being "balanced" by use of their specifications. That should never happen in a game like Tarkov. The device should be as close as possible to real life, and only availability should be a balancing mechanism. Because the developers promised us "maximum possible realism". So, either give us the weapons and items with all their realistic flaws and advanta…

Survey March 2018

Wird geladen...

Tarkov Weekly #002

Let's start with the netcode not yet working as intended. In the clip linked below you can see the game still has issues with people getting hit in the head and walking away if the shooter dies faster.Player surviving headshot

The problem appears to be most visible when fast-firing weapons are involved. Especially if the shooter dies quickly after firing, the shots appear not to count. (The client still sees the impacts instantly, because of client side prediction, however this is not the same is happening on the server.)

We hacked a security camera in the BSG netcode programming office.

 Loot Economy

Statement by PR
This is an interesting outlook for the game, because requiring barter items instead of cash to buy things will push players towards interacting with the game world more beyond shooting players and scavs. It rewards players taking time and risk to search for barter items.This explains the vast amount of barter items with no apparent ingame effect beyond being a …

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