Loot - Electronics

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  1. Pretty much sell everything you can to Therapist for most money. Everything you can't sell to her, sell it to Prapor.

    1. Attachments that you can sell to Skier, do so - he gives you better prices on them than Prapor. Then just sell to PK or Prapor anything you couldn't sell to Therapist or Skier.

    2. Also, most things aren't worthy of selling to PK. Usually you get more dollars if you sell things to therapist or prapor for roubles and then buy dollars.

    3. Skier will buy anything for more money then prapor. if you put whatever you want to sell that you cant to therapist in a bag and sell that to Skier you will get full price for it. this even goes for items that you can only sell to fence.

  2. If you cannot sell something to the_RAPIST, just shove it into a backpack and trick skiiiiier to buying it. He likes backpacks.

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